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“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

Can it possibly be the end of July!?!
I’m so sorry I haven’t been better at keeping you posted on all the events of this month. It has been a whirlwind of activity here in Rough Rock, and I feel like I haven’t had the time to just sit and process and write about all that God is doing! I think I will just give you an overview and then revisit a few of these moments in later blog posts.

This month began with a visit from a mission team out of Salem, Ohio. They were mainly made up of a youth group, and brought such a fun energy and excitement with them. They were able to do some cleanup on the church property, but most of the outdoor activities were cancelled because MONSOON season started! I had been warned that heavy afternoon rains would turn Rough Rock into a mudslide in late July through August, but the rains started a little early. In fact, they started on our way down the steep road off Black Mesa- which was the most adventure I EVER want to have here!

This team purchased a sheep for dinner one night, and we were able to do a traditional sheep butchering event followed by a community meal. It was so interesting and I have so many thoughts about it, but I will save them for another day.

After the Ohio team left, I had one day to clean and catch up with everything and then a second team arrived. This team was a youth group from Ft. Wayne, IN. I was SO excited to have them visit for a couple of reasons.

First, the youth pastor was a part of our college ministry for many years and we had been on several mission trips together. It was so much fun to see him and his wife leading and training a team to do missions on their own now.

My second reason for excitement was that the Rough Rock church had planned to do a camp meeting while they were here. This team wouldn’t be leading anything, but rather coming alongside the church here to simply help, encourage and support them as THEY held a camp meeting.
The team cleaned and painted the gym, so that we could hold the meetings there, they helped make meals, shared testimonies, and did a skit. They also listened and learned some Navajo, and prayed alongside the Navajo for each other and for this little town.

It was an incredibly blessed time, and I promise to tell you more about it in a future blog post!!

After this team left, I just couldn’t stop praising God for the ways He connected and inspired the church here. I know that God can see the tremendous possibilities in a group of believers, but it felt like He gave me a tiny view of what He sees for this place- all of the potential love, hope and peace that this little group of believers could bring to this community if they will only keep seeking Him and obeying Him!
If you ever need a boost in your prayer life, ask God to show you a glimpse of what could be in a situation. His ways are so much higher than ours that I think we forget how MUCH He can do!

I had a few days after the Indiana team left to clean, catch up on things like bills and story night. I had several interesting conversations with the Navajo who had been a part of leading and planning the camp meeting. They were praising God too, and planning for next year already. Made me smile!!

I had another trip back to Michigan, this time it was courtesy of my Aunt and Uncle. I was invited to be a part of my cousin Jana’s wedding, and it was SO much fun! I love spending time with my extended family, and I really enjoyed the whole day!

The trip home coincided (unplanned!) with a trip that my friends Rod and Lavina took out east to visit Friends churches and share about all that God is doing on the Navajo Nation. They just “happened” to be in Battle Creek over the same weekend I was (thanks God!!). I spent Saturday with my sister-in-law Steph at Lake Michigan, and we were so excited to hear that Rod and Lavina (with all 5 kids!) would be meeting us there! The lake was unexpectedly WARM, and we had a great day playing in the waves and building sand hogans!
Rod spoke at church on Sunday and then they all came over to my parents for a pool party- a huge treat for the kids!

A job opportunity with Josiah Venture Ministry has also opened up in the past few weeks, and since I was home, I was able to drive to Chicago to meet with them about the possibility of becoming a part of their team. The available position involves coordinating all of the summer college interns, and it is a stateside position. I’ve been to Slovakia twice with JV, and I’m really excited about this possibility. There are also some positions open at Parkview, and I’ve applied there as well. I’m confident that God will lead perfectly in my decisions about this fall, but I am so thankful for all of your prayers in this time of transition!

For now, I’m getting ready to begin my last month here in Rough Rock, and I’m praying that I will continue to just follow God’s leading here. I’m very excited about what God is doing in the hearts of people here, and so thankful for the ways he used mission teams this month to bring encouragement and inspiration!
Thank you for all of your prayers, friends! God is moving here, and it is SO fun to watch Him!!



2 thoughts on “God’s Ways

    Judy said:
    July 24, 2014 at 8:08 am

    You were such a great hostess amid all you had going on! Thanks to you and the beautiful people in Rough Rock for a memorable experience! Anxious to see what God continues to do in Rough Rock as well as your life!

      Ruthanne responded:
      July 24, 2014 at 8:30 am

      Thanks Judy! I was SO glad that God opened up a way for you to come out! Thank YOU for driving a million miles each way with a van full of teenagers!!! Next time, we can fly out together! 🙂

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