A Snapshot of Intern Life~ June

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“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.'”

The interns have been sent.

You have been praying, and asking me how they are doing.

Here is a collection of photos they have posted on Instagram, along with prayer requests from their blogs and newsletters.


Czech Republic

Czech Republic will be hosting English (KECY)  and Music (FUSION) camps all summer. Right now, they (along with all JV countries) are preparing for those camps.

photo 6   English Camp

“Today we taught English classes at a school and promoted camp. We worked with close to 75 students over the course of 5 periods…Please pray for these students as some of them think about coming to camp. Pray that they are thinking about moving further toward Christ. Pray as He is working in their hearts and the hearts of those on my intern team. Pray we all grow closer to Him this summer.” Rachel Berkebile (rachelsczechsummer2015.wordpress.com)



One of the intern’s jobs is to promote camps in a variety of public schools. They spend most of June traveling across the country meeting with high school kids and inviting them to summer camp.

photo 15   photo 19

So far, our team has bonded beyond my expectations. The five other interns I’m directly working with come from a variety of backgrounds and possess varying personalities, but throughout the challenges of the Amazing Race through Prague, Olomouc, and Ostrava, grew to both like and love each other… Pray for the local churches and youth leaders throughout Poland. What my team will do this summer with local youth will, Lord willing, plant seeds and see people grow closer to God, but we are only here for a finite time. Pray that the local churches will be equipped and ready to disciple and minister to the students we pour into at camp. Elliot Phillips (ephillips93.blogspot.com)



Each country has the same materials and training for camp, but each is a little different because of culture and terrain. Latvia is on the Baltic Sea- which makes camp promos at the beach a fun outreach!

photo 23

“The last month has been a challenging, exciting, meaningful learning journey for me and our Latvian Intern team (English team and Fusion team). We have gone through summer intern training, visiting local churches, camp promotion, and camp supply preparation (It is so much work, but we made it today finally!)…Please pray for energy, wisdom, even more bonded love and unity for three of us. One week ago three of us all caught cold and our intern leader also got back pain. After one week, we all almost got over the sickness and started working hard for training preparation for North American teams. I am actually thankful for these challenges, which helped us recognize that God is in control and the spiritual battle is so real.” Bella Zhang (newsletter)
photo 9   photo 21
Ukraine Interns are visiting schools on behalf of both English and Fusion camps, but they also had a unique experience this June and were able to attend Festival of Hope- a Franklin Graham outreach in Lviv, Ukraine for the very 1st time. SO exciting to see God on the move in this country!
photo 3
The ministry in this country is dear to my heart. I was able to take two short-term teams here several years ago and I love the people in Slovakia. I have dear friends serving here and a dear friend raising support to be full-time here.
photo 2   photo 8
“If you could continue to pray for the interactions we have with youth outside of school, that God would open their hearts to what we have to say. Please pray that we will be able to get back into the schools, and that the superintendent would let us in. Please pray that everyone stays healthy and safe on this first trip and that Christ continues to move in each individual’s life. There is a lot of difficulty getting youth to come to camp as they have heard from parents or friends that ‘the church is satanic’, please pray that our lives would demonstrate something different and they would recognize that.” Samuel Bertram (newsletter)
photo 3IMG_2169


Estonia has traditional interns working with camps, but they also have something unique: EXIT band interns. EXIT tour is a program within JV that invites Christian rock groups over to visit local schools during the year, teach moral lessons (anti-bullying, anti-drugs etc.) during the school day, and put on a concert at night where they share the gospel message. This year, we have a new EXIT tour director, Tim Cheshire, from Scotland. He hand-picked interns to train and tour with him this summer in Estonia, and here they are:

photo 25

“What a difference 2 weeks can make! Let me introduce you to thebandbranches. Serving in Estonia all summer. Follow them and support them over the next 2 months. #thebandbranches #JV #exitband #estonia”  ~Tim Cheshire

They led us in worship one night at intern training, and wow….!!! Pray for them as they serve this summer, and pray for Tim as he grows this particular portion of Josiah Venture.



Another special team of interns this summer is a group working with the Communications Team. Daniel Reimer is JV’s incredible photographer and videographer, and he has two interns this summer. They are traveling all throughout JV’s countries and camps, capturing the stories of interns and students. These photos and videos will help to tell the story of all that God is doing for eternity in Eastern and Central Europe. One of the projects is a video showing the life of an intern. We are hoping this video will help us in recruiting interns and giving them a clear picture of how they will be serving overseas.

photo 22photo 1


They are hauling all kinds of equipment all over Eastern and Central Europe this summer- pray for safety and for the projects they complete to bring glory to God!


Albania and Romania

These countries have just a few interns serving this summer. Albania has the two girls and Romania had SO many interns drop out for various reasons that only Jonathan (on the right) remained. Pray for the missionaries (Brian- on the left- and Katie Burkhardt) and for Jonathan. They are running all of Romania’s camps on a shortage of interns this summer. Pray for all camps to run smoothly and for LOTS of energy!

photo 4——————————————




Hungary is also a country with just a few interns this summer. Pray for the camps they are doing. Many of the activities in these camps will be extreme sports like climbing and white water rafting, so pray for safety.

photo 16




Serbia has three interns this summer and they are also hard at work preparing for summer camps. They are also, apparently, enjoying the ice cream! Pray for continued unity in this small intern team, and for camps to reach many students with the gospel message.

photo 14




Interns in Slovenia are also hard at work preparing for summer camps! I love how each country takes the Josiah Venture theme and logo for the summer and makes it their own!

photo 11   photo 32


“Bold faith is my prayer for the summer. He is so faithful and I love the way He is teaching me to follow Him in the big and small things in life. It brings me joy just to know that He cares for me enough to patiently teach me these things because He wants me to have joy in full and to lean on Him every day. ‘We know not what to do, but our eyes are on you…’ that is my prayer and my song, throughout this internship and through all my days. I am simply amazed by His patience and love towards me. He is SO good.”  Mary Knoch (Instagram)


That last quote makes me smile…

YOU are a part of this movement of God among the young people of Eastern and Central Europe. Every one of you who is praying for these interns and making it possible for me to do this job is a part of THIS.

Thank you.

JV  signiture




photo 18


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