I love surprises!

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This is my friend Josh and I on my very 1st trip to Slovakia in 2011. He was treating me to Kofola- the soda beverage of choice in Slovakia. I was pretending to like it, and also pretending to be awake after a whole night of flying and day of travel.

Josh was a part of the college ministry I led, and I remember how excited we all were when he decided, after doing a summer internship with Josiah Venture, to become a full-time missionary in Slovakia. He is the reason I have any connection to JV at all- so I guess he is a part of getting me to the path I am on today!

Josh and I have been dear friends for many years now, and I remember how excited he would be after JV spring conferences. We would Skype for hours and he would try to tell me about everything he learned and all the ways that God was teaching him through the sessions at these conferences. I would ask him if there was any way for me to listen to the lessons and he would always say no- they were shared online for JV staff- but not available for the public.

Now that I am on staff with JV, I have access to these sessions, and although I wasn’t able to be at Spring Conference this year, I was excitedly waiting for these sessions to post online for staff.

Then TWO surprises.

First, Dave Patty (JV’s founder and president) and his wife Connie came to Gull Lake Bible Conference- only about 20 minutes from my hometown of Battle Creek- and taught the Spring Conference sessions! I was able to invite many of my friends and supporters from Battle Creek to join me over three nights for his lessons. It was so fun to introduce people to JV on another level- and to hear some of these sessions in person!

june14 Tab_1

Then, my second surprise: Josiah Venture launched a Media Page this week!

FINALLY, the incredible sessions taught at the various conferences and events of JV are available to the public!  There are just two events hosted there now- but more from previous years are coming! You can upload sessions to your computer or phone and take them with you. I’m listening to the Spring Conference sessions I missed during my morning walk each day- and God is really speaking to my heart and teaching me about himself as I listen!

Media Page

This media page is available at josiahventure.com – just click on media and choose an event!

I love how God is always drawing us closer to Himself- and these little joys in the busy-ness of life just make me smile. As Father’s Day draws close, I am reminded again that I’m not only blessed with an incredible earthly father- but a Heavenly Father that has adopted me as his own, loves to give good gifts, and provides ways for me to learn to love him and know him more!





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